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   My name is Mark Alpiger, and this is the web site based on my last name.  As you probably realize, the surname Alpiger is a rather unusual one.  In my research, I've uncovered only a few dozen persons listed in the U.S. national phone directory, and a contact in Switzerland (Susanne Alpiger) reveals that there aren't all that many over there, where the name seems to have originated (it makes sense too - ALPiger).

   Location-wise, Alpiger appears to have gotten its start in the Toggenburg valley, which is in eastern Switzerland.  The name Toggenburg comes from the big dogs people used to keep in their small fortresses during the Habsburg Empire.  Of course, there have been a few changes since then.  There are now a couple of discos, and even one striptease joint, nestled in this lush, green valley.

   Apparently, some of the Toggenburg Alpigers migrated to America in the later 1800's, in the Louisville, Kentucky area.  Their offspring included two of the oldest male Alpigers I've known - my grandfather, and his cousin.  These two are the main source of the Louisville Alpigers, which are the largest cluster other than those in Switzerland.

   The phone directory information for Louisville (where I also live) shows only five Alpigers, but I estimate there to be a total of 30 or so persons here with the surname.  It seems to be growing in number, but I think it will be a while still before we usurp Smith or Brown!!

   The most famous Alpiger (besides myself, but, I'll get to that next) is Karl, who has been seen in televised ski events here in America.  He apparently lives in the Toggenburg area, where he runs a ski shop.

   Now, what's my claim to fame?  Well, I like video games quite a bit, and I managed to set the word's record on one, Crystal Castles, back in 1986, during a national contest put on by Bally's Aladdin's Castle.  My name and score were published in the 1987 Guinness Book of World Records, and a few people have actually seen it, so I am known... a little !!